Explore the Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth (CH4IG) UK-Southeast Asia Collaboration projects!

Now available for the first time – explore the Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth (CH4IG) UK-Southeast Asia Collaboration projects! These projects are some of the many grassroots initiatives taking place in the region.
Thale Noi Wetland Pastoral Buffalo Agro-Ecosystem

The case studies exemplify the aspirations, challenges and lessons learned in cultural heritage conservation and inclusive growth in Southeast Asia. The insights from these case studies have contributed to an expanding knowledge base that will influence future initiatives, policies and interventions. 

The first cycle of the project wrapped up on 30 June 2023. This achievement represents a significant milestone within the CH4IG project, and the organizers express their gratitude for the support and active participation of all involved.  

The project's accomplishments have laid a solid foundation for continuous progress and future research efforts. In collaboration with partners from the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia, and with the support of the British Council, ICCROM is fully committed to developing a comprehensive resource based on the three CH4IG thematic workshops and the past year of collaborative knowledge exchange following the principles of inclusive growth. 

Through continued collaboration, the project aims to advance the understanding and implementation of people-centred approaches to cultural heritage for inclusive growth. These collective efforts not only contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of cultural diversity but also pave the way for an inclusive and equitable development that ensures a prosperous future for all. 

Rajasthan Kabir Yatra
Rajasthan Kabir Yatra