STAR TIER: Sustainable Transnational Art Reformation Through Intercultural Empirical Rapport

Prayoon for Art Foundation

20230627_STAR TIER_Prayoon for Art_3STAR TIER is a community art and creative city model run by the Prayoon for Art Foundation with local stakeholders in the Dansai district, Loei province, Thailand. Its strategy is to democratize the art ecosystem in a regional context for well-being. The artistic process can work with cultural heritage to tackle social issues. Since the project’s beginnings in 2020, Prayoon for Art has conducted research through workshops and seminars to understand the local context and build relationships. In 2021, seven art projects were co-created with locals and international artists to celebrate and empower the distinctive individuals of Dansai. There are six upcoming projects in 2023. The project’s long-term goal is to make Dansai residents feel like every day is festive and their cultural spirits are worth celebrating. It aims to turn Dansai into an artistic and creative city within five years.
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