'Thale Noi Wetland Pastoral Buffalo Agro-Ecosystem' to be designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System

Thale Noi Wetland Foundation - TWF

The ‘Thale Noi Wetland Buffalo Pastoral Agro-Eco-System’ is a heritage farming system composed of diversified, interrelated local livelihood strategies, with buffalo pastoralism as the central unifying cultural, socioeconomic and ecological element of the landscape. The agricultural heritage system of buffalo pastoralism of ‘Thale Noi’ is of global importance due to its unique environmental wisdom, skilful use and conservation of ecosystem functions, and its harmony with nature. The proposed Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) site is in the greater Songkhla Lake Basin and Non-hunting Area – one of Thailand’s most important conservation zones. This project directly contributes to food security, supporting sustainable local agricultural production and reducing rural poverty. 

20230627_Thale Noi Wetland Pastoral Buffalo Agro-Ecosystem_Interactions