Sia Boey Integrated Management Plan


George Town World Heritage Incorporated

Sia Boey is a place of many memories and cultural significance to the Penang people. It is also part of the KOMTAR development project supporting modernization and urbanization. George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI), as the World Heritage Site Manager of George Town Heritage City, has been tasked by the state with finding a balance between development and conservation in Sia Boey.  

Their response was to create the Sia Boey Integrated Management Plan. Despite its controversies and challenges, this management plan has successfully saved Sia Boey from being demolished. The plan paved the way for restoring Sia Boey’s built heritage and introducing new elements, such as an archaeological park. Today, Sia Boey is the local community’s centre for art, culture, and heritage. As the project progresses, it will continue to empower and engage the local community in utilizing Sia Boey and find ways to add value to Penang people’s livelihoods. 

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