Pragma Ventures: Reviving Silk Farming and Silk Weaving


This project's aim was twofold – to revitalize the silk industry in Myanmar through targeted work at the mulberry farm gate, and to bring into focus the artisanal heritage of Burmese hand-loomed silk weaving. 

Silk farming in the Chin state of northern Myanmar creates sustainable livelihoods for increasing numbers of farmers in some of the country's poorest areas, offering work with dignity to disadvantaged women. Weavers come for training at the studio in Yangon and return home with combinations of threads of silks from Chin state, lotus silk from Shan, high-quality imported silks and the best of Burmese cotton to weave unique and authentic textiles, fabrics and accessories. These artisanal designs regenerate and reimagine designs from Myanmar’s heritage. 

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